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What is the default lock pin or password for Skyworth and Coocaa TV?

The default lock pin or password of Skyworth LED TV and Coocaa LED TV (Basic, Smart and Android) is "0000" or "zero, zero, zero, zero". How can I change my  Skyworth LED TV or Coocaa LED TV password? To change you LED default password, you need to enter your old password followed by your new password and a confirmation of your new password then press "OK". What if I forget my  Skyworth LED TV or Coocaa LED TV password? Forgotten password due to some reason is normal to us human. Sometimes it cost some few dollars to just to retrieve it. On this post, I try to help you saving some few dollars to solved this mess. So if your Skyworth LED TV or Coocaa LED TV password is lost, don't hesitate to #AskSkyworth a question.

How to update Skyworth 32TB5000 and 32TB5050 (Software Link Inside)

This is a complete tutorial on how to Update Skyworth 32TB5000 2K Netflix Smart TV and Skyworth 32TB5050 2K Netflix Smart TV software and firmware into newer version. To made it easy, this post comes with an actual images walk through the process. Download link is also included inside. So let's begin! Step by step guide "How to update Skyworth 32TB5000 and 32TB5050" 1. Download Skyworth 32TB5000 and 32TB5050   Please refer to image below; 2. Format your USB flash drive to FAT. 3. Copy the file ( MstarUpgrade.bin ) inside your USB Flash Drive root folder. (Please do not put the software inside the folder.) 4. Insert the USB Flash Drive into TV USB 2.0 port. Please refer to image below. 5. On your remote press " MENU ". 6. By default you will be greet by " PICTURE ". Please refer to image below. 7. Using your Skyworth 32TB5000 or 32TB5050 remote navigat

How to Install Netflix for Skyworth E2 and E2D Series (Download Link Inside)

Step by Step Procedure on how Install Netflix to Skyworth Android TV. Load the  Netflix 4.2.0 build APK  (Android Package Kit) file on your USB flash drive. Make sure that it will not be put inside a folder. Insert the USB flash drive containing Netflix 4.2.0 build file to the Skyworth Android TV USB 2.0 port. Open "ES File Explorer File Manager " Go to install APK application found in the “ APP” menu. Select the “INSTALL APK” and you will see the applications you save in the USB A pop up menu will come out and select the “Package installer” for the application to be installed in the TV. You can select the “Just once” option. For AOSP Android, Smart and Basic TV , buying an Android TV Smart BOX is highly recommended to enjoy both YouTube, Netflix and other android app available to Google Play Store. Below is the link to the product.   View Product Review:   MX PRO 4K (Android 7.1) 1GB/8GB World max international best custom internet digital tv

How to update Skyworth 55E2000 Android LED TV?(Downloadable Sofware Inside)

This is a complete tutorial on how to Update Skyworth 55E2000 Android LED TV Software and Firmware into newer version with picture and video. Download link below. Also, below of this post include the step by step video on how to update Skyworth 55E2000 Android LED TV. 1. Download Skyworth 55E2000 Software.( ) 2. Open download location. (Usually inside "Download Folder") 3. Transfer the filename "install" to USB's root directory. 4. Insert the Flash Disk Drive on USB Port. . Insert the Flash Disk Drive on USB Port After we obtain the software, move it inside USB flash disk drive root file. Insert the flash disk drive to Skyworth 55E2000 USB port. Please refer to above image. 5. Enter the Factory Setting To enter “Factory Settings”, you need to have at least the original Skyworth remote control as minimum requirements. On your remote press “Source” button the

COOCAA on LAZADA After Sales Service Policy (Wrong Delivered, Replacement and Damaged Item)

Below are the standard policy of COOCAA Philippines and steps on the following circumstances. All products of COOCAA Philippines products have the flyers which contains of the following information, customer hotline, FAQ's unboxing tips and product features. 1. Lazada Wrong Delivered Item Policy A. In case that custumer receive the wrong item, the customer will contact the LAZADA customer service to inform the (he/she) received the wrong item. B. LAZADA customer service advice to customer for the process of returning the COOCAA products. C. Customer return the COOCAA Product to LAZADA. 2. Lazada Replacement Policy for Defective COOCAA Products  A. If within 15 days from purchase date, COOCAA service center can repair/replace if the customer agrees or inform customer to return the defective item to Lazada. Consumer contact Lazada customer service for the return process. Lazada will refund/replace the customer's unit. B. If beyond 15 days from purcha