How to connect my Laptop to Skyworth LED TV using HDMI cable?

Here are the easy illustrated guide on how to connect your Laptop to Skyworth LED TV using HDMI cable.

You would require a working HDMI cable to connect the laptop to your Skyworth LED TV.

1. Insert one end of your HDMI cable to laptop port. Please refer to image below;

2. Insert the other end of your HDMI cable to Skyworth LED TV HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 available port, mostly found on the back / side panel of the TV. Please refer to image below;

3. Switch off both TV and the laptop.

4. Once connected, power on the TV first & then the Laptop.

5. On your remote press "source" and select HDMI 1 if HDMI cable from your laptop is connected on HDMI 1, else HDMI 2 or HDMI 3.

6. By default, when you connect an TV to a laptop, the images on your laptop appears on the TV.

7. Locate the extend video function key on your laptop keyboard ( will be different on all laptops) and press that while holding the function (Fn) key on the keyaboard.

8. Below listed are commonly available options on most of the laptops :

PC Screen Only
PC screen Only is refer as illustrated above. Only laptop flash an image or has it's display working while the TV display NO SIGNAL.

Duplicate is refer as illustrated above. It is also the default, when you connect an TV to a laptop, the images on your laptop appears on the TV. Both display flash mirror image.

Extend screen refer as illustrated above. Both display went live and able to display two different images. This features is perfect for artist, proof readers and other profession that needs dual screen to become productive.

Second Screen Only
Second Screen Only refer to as illustrated above. Laptop display goes offline while TV display goes live.

9. Select your desired output method you would like to use.

If this illustrated guide doesn't work with you, please check your laptop driver and make sure it is updated. Or check if your HDMI cable is working.

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  1. Hi I have 32E200A I can't seem to use it as a monitor or extended display for my pc. It's only showing no signal. I tried it on both HDMI 1 and 2 and set the display as extended on my pc but still not working! HELP!

  2. My Skyworth 65Ub7500 shows No signal but under Connected, inputs, it shows it's connected,,, What's the problem guys!!!

  3. Hey am using Skyworth 65Ub7500 and after connecting it to my window 7 laptop using Hdmi cable, the pics on the tv are over scaled, kindky help!!

    1. i think the UB7500 Series is useless when it comes to PC to TV using hdmi, the only available resolution for a promoted 4K TV is 640x480 60hz resolution... Bad Not-Smart 4KTV.

  4. My skyworth tv 32TV5000 can connect with laptop by HDMI but the revolution is decreased thought i setup FHD revolution, help me please !

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  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I'm blown away by the little print you've provided regarding signs. It is an enlightening article for both myself and others. Thank you for bringing such interesting topics to our attention. High End HDMI Cable Online Buy

  8. hi can u teach us to connect wifi in our tv skyworth model 32E510S


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