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How do I avail my Skyworth TV warranty if I lost the receipt?

On today's post let us talk about warranty. And as stated by the law here in the Philippines warranty is set to a minimum time frame of six months and a maximum time frame of one year.

In this post we will also discuss some important point of view and try to answer some common question regarding the Skyworth warranty.

What is a Skyworth warranty? How to avail a warranty? What does a warranty cover? What are your rights as customer in terms of Skyworth warranty? What can you do if you lost your proof of purchase or receipt? And what are the things you should look for with regard in filling complaint to DTI?

What is a Skyworth warranty?

As define warranty is also know as the "written guarantee of the integrity of a product and of the maker's responsibility for the repair or replacement of defective parts”. Simply it is contract between the customer and the seller or the manufacturer. Skyworth Philippines provide 2 years limited warranty to it's LED TV Products.

How to avail a Skyworth 2 years limited warranty?

For you to avail the 2 years limited warranty, you need to visit any Skyworth service center, visit the store or call the Skyworth hot-line numbers and must present the following documents as follows;

At least one valid ID (KYC verification), copy of certificate of purchase (original receipt or invoice), a copy of sticker labeled with a serial number of the product and the product model, a warranty card, and the warranty seal shall not broken or tear off.

What does a warranty cover?

Two years warranty main parts (Panel, Drive Board, CPU Board), other parts one(1) year warranty upon purchase date, Thirty (30) days replaceable under normal use and six(6) months warranty and seven (7) days replaceable for all DVD PLAYERS, PORTABLE DVD PLAYERS, EARPHONE, and HOME THEATER. Accessories such as the remote control, wall bracket, USB, and other freebies are not included in the service warranty. 

Warranty does not apply with respect to the following conditions;

  1. Products which have been altered, modified or repaired by anyone other than SPC authorized service center in a manner which has affected their performance, stability or reliability.
  2. Defects or damage caused by accident, fire, flood, lightning, or other natural disaster or voltage instability or other force majeure.
  3. Defects or damaged caused by abuse, negligence, misuse, or failure to observe the instructions contained in the manual furnished at the time or original purchase.
  4. Without Warranty Card or Purchase Receipt.
  5. Any alteration on the Warranty Card or Purchases Receipt.
  6. Product out of Warranty.
  7. Any of the Warranty seals are broken or shows evidence of tampering.

What are your rights as customer in term of Skyworth Warranty?

As stated by the law, as a customer you have the "Right to Repair, Right to seek Replacement and Right to Refund". However, Skyworth products from tiangge or similar establishments which do not issue official receipts do not come with warranty service. 

Furthermore, an in-house warranty for example a 7 days warranty offered by the store is an independent service given by a company out of generosity to return a product for whatever reason. However, this causes confusion as it misleads the public from the law-imposed warranties.

What can I do if I lost my proof of purchase (receipt or invoice) to avail the warranty?

As most human being, we had the bad habit of keeping important documents in which we would misplace or lose it. So what are the requirements for getting a proof of purchase and claiming my warranty with lost receipt or invoice? 

Since, warranty certificate and purchase receipt will not be re-issued if lost. You can still be given a certificate of purchase which is as good as your receipt or invoice.

But before you even proceed to your dealer or store branch, you must have the following documents in hand.
  • Affidavit of Loss.
  • Valid Identification Cards.
  • A photo of sticker label with product serial number and product model.
Now, proceed to the store customer service or to the promoter on duty and seek for an assistance. You will be asked for additional question such as a estimated time when you made a purchase. As easy as 1, 2 3... isn't it.

How to file dispute?

As a consumer you will always seek help by reaching DTI and they are ready not just to negotiate but also to mediate to help protect consumers' rights and at the same time protecting the interests of the business sector.

What are the things you should look for with regard in filling complaint to DTI?

  1. What the warrantor will do in the event of a defect, malfunction or failure to conform to the written warranty and at whose expense.
  2. What the consumer must do to avail of the rights which accrue to the warranty.
  3. Designation of warranties, whether full warranty or limited warranty.
  4. Duration of warranty.
  5. Business name and address of the warrantor.
  6. Name and address of the person to whom the warranty is extended, if the warranty is not transferable.
  7. Consumer products or parts thereof, or consumer service covered by the warranty.

For questions and complaints, contact DTI’s hotline 751-3330.


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