Honest Review: Skyworth 55UB5500 Ultra HD Netflix Smart LED TV

Skyworth 55UB5500 is a Netflix Version 5.1 TV that offers premium picture quality and crystal clear sound. Equipped with Corning® Gorilla® Glass for tougher screen!

Running on Linux system on top of Quad-Core processors to complement both Skyworth 55UB5500 Graphics and Power.

For the user experience it comes with 7 built-in applications which includes; Netflix, YouTube, Smart TV App, Facebook, Twitter, MiraShare and TV Browser.

This is a guide on how to connect Skyworth 55UB5500 to SmartPhone please refer to this post https://www.skyworthphilippines.com/2019/05/how-to-connect-your-smartphone-to.html

How to Login Skyworth 55UB5500 on Youtube using SmartPhone (Andriod, IOS)?

1. Press "Home" on your remote. Please refer to image below;

2. Select YouTube using remote navigation key and press "OK" . Please refer to image below;

3. YouTube will start to load . Please refer to image below;

4. You will be open with a similar window pane . Please refer to image below;

5. Using 55UB5500 remote navigation key, select that human icon seen below adjacent to setting icon . Please refer to image below;

6. Press "OK" then it will redirect you to a window pane similar to this. Please refer to image below;

7. Press "Sign In" and you will be prompted with similar window pane. Please refer to image below;

8. Select "Try another way" and press "OK" . Please refer to image below;

9. You will be prompted with similar image saying "Sign in using a web browser" . Please refer to image below;

10. On your phone (Android, Windows, IOS) browser please go to youtube.com/activate. Please refer to image below;

12. Enter the code similar to "WLZ PMS HFW". Please refer to image below;

 13. Then tap "Next". Please refer to image below;

14. Choose an account to continue to YouTube on TV. Please refer to image below;

15. The it ask you a question "YouTube on TV wants to access your Google Account" tap "Allow". Please refer to image below;

***Note: This will allow YouTube on TV to view and manage your rental and purchase history. Manage your YouTube account.

Make sure you trust YouTube on TV. You may be sharing sensitive information with this site or app. Learn about how YouTube on TV will handle your data by reviewing its term of service and privacy policies. You can always see or remove access in your Google account.

16. On your SmartPhone "Success! Device connected". Please refer to image below;

16. On your Skyworth TV "Success! Device connected". Please refer to image below;

***Note: If you want to sign out from YouTube on TV, using remote navigation key select "REMOVE FROM TV" then press "OK".

Skyworth 55UB5500 Key Features

Infinity Screen
Infinity screen is refer to a TV feature that allows user to enjoy a much more screen and less frame or border. It surely brings a much better viewing experience than before.

Play a video and compare the normal LED TV to the all new Skyworth 55UB5500 4K Ultra HD Netflix Smart LED TV featuring that infinity screen to see the difference.

Brilliantly Clear Enhancer
This feature let user to distinguish colors precisely, compensate and adjust different colors to display the purest color so that TV image quality would be greatly improved in this way. At the same time the video enhancer will allow you to enjoy dark and bright scene even under the noon time sun.

Powerful sound

With it's two 10 watts speaker system, Skyworth 55UB5500 sound comes more powerful and realistic.

AVL / Auto Volume Leveling
This feature is also know as the auto volume control. It stabilize sound and avoid sudden increase of volume.

TV Browser

What's not to like about Skyworth new 55UB5500, it have an TV Browser that lets you search whatever you like, a built-in Youtube, built-in Netflix, and a Net range portal, it is an app that contains your favorite movies, TV series and Kdramas. What more could you ask for?

Skyworth 55UB5500 Ultra HD Netflix Smart LED TV Features

Available Network Connectivity Menu
Wire Network - using UTP cable and RJ45 connector.
Wireless Network - using IEEE 802 standards dealing with local area networks.

Channel Menu
Auto Tuning - automatically scan and save local channels both digital and analog.
DTV Manual Tuning - manually searching for local Digital TV broadcast.
ATV Manual Tuning - manually searching for local Analog TV broadcast.
Program Edit - manually edit program name.
Signal Information - all related and basic information about channel such as broadcast type.

Sound Menu
Sound Mode - set in "Balance" by default.
Auto Volume - set in "On" by default.
Surround Sound - set in "DTS TruSurround" by default.
SPDIF Mode - Auto by default.
Advanced effect DAP - to manually edit sound settings

Sound Mode


Auto Sync - the Skyworth 55UB5500 set to Auto Sync "Auto" by default.
Sleep Timer
Time Zone
Summer Time

Sleep Time Menu

Off - by default it set to "Off" 
10 Min
20 Min
30 Min
60 Min

Picture Menu

Picture Mode
Color Temperature
Aspect Ratio
Noise Reduction
MPEG Noise Reduction
Dynamic Contrast
Film Mode

Picture Mode

Standard - by default the TV set to "Standard Picture Mode".

HDR Menu

Auto - default settings

Aspect Ratio
16:9 - by default the Skyworth 55UB5500 set to 16:9 aspect ratio.

Recorded List

Setup Menu

OSD Language by default is set to "English"
REC File System
Closed Caption
Restore Default
Software Update (USB)
Internet Update Check
Software Information
App Settings

Advanced Option
Lock System
Set Password
Block Program
Parental Guidance

Code: NW-1-19 Error
Your device may not be connected to the Internet. Please make sure your connection is working. Retrying in 19 seconds. Code: NW-1-19.


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