Skyworth SQ920 Bluetooth 5.1 CH Speaker Review

The Skyworth SQ920 5.1 Bluetooth CH Speaker is a predecessor of the later Skyworth SQ900 Bluetooth 5.1 CH speaker comes to be reliable and multimedia-ready speaker system comes with an excellent frequency with low distortion circuit that deliver crisp sounds.

This speaker system is highly recommended for playing music or when watching movies.

Skyworth SQ920 Bluetooth 5.1 CH Speaker Special Features

  • Beautiful appearance with entire magnetically shielded design
  • High plus wave guide technology applied
  • Ported Sub-woofer moves more air for deeper bass
  • Bass / Volume control conveniently located
  • Bass-refles wooden sub-woofer cabinet
  • Playing MP3 directly from SD/MMC card, flash drive
  • Skyworth SQ920 Bluetooth 5.1 CH
  • FM Radio Function
  • USB / SD & MMC Card Direct Play 
  • LED Display Screen

Skyworth SQ920 Bluetooth 5.1 CH Speaker Technical Specs:

Output R.M.S: 15W+(6Wx5)
Response Frequency: 40Hz~20KHz
Signal Noise ratio: >70dB
Sub-woofer: 5.25"
Satellite: 3"x5
Power Input: AC220V - 240V/60Hz

Packing dimension:
LxWxH(mm) = 405 x 355 x 330


  1. My remote is broken.where can i buy a new remote control of sq920 speaker?cebu city area.thank you!

    1. Why does the speaker system (sq920) suddenly stops while working. It doesnt last for 3-4 mins.

  2. Ditto here, speakers go off anytime. i push OFF control and switch tumbler OFF, and ON, then with push control ON and everything works just fine until it goes off at any later time. what could be the defect, the local radio shop cannot point out, if you already know, your reply is much appreciated.

    W/o such defect, this model is so usable due to its connectivity with bluetooth, rca, remote, digital monitor, usb, equalizer, etc, lacking however a mic jack and AM Radio to make it complete.

  3. Theres something wrong with the speaker its already in the full volume bit its still very low. . how to reset its settings?

    1. We have the the same problem...hope we can get answers here

    2. Same problem to fix?

  4. Puyde ba makabili usb receiver o yong pre amp niya model sq920

  5. pwd maka order remote lang niya

  6. San pwedi maka order ng remote nya?

  7. My main board po ba kayo nito?

  8. di ko maconnect sa pc via bluetooth.di nagreresponse si speaker.pano ireset to?

  9. My bass speak is not working but the sound bar is working.

  10. Sana my reply sa mga coment dito kung pano aayusin yong problema namin sa speaker

  11. i saw what amplifier they used
    5x TDA2010A (12 watts peak) and Subwoofer TDA2030A (18 watts peak)


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