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How to Update Skyworth Android TV Online to Newer Version (Helpful Guide with Actual Photo Illustration)

Due to security issue and bugs, an Android TV must need to be updated from time to time if it doesn't updated itself autonomously. So today, here is a helpful guide on how to update Skyworth Android LED TV Online to newer version. And to make it more fun and easy, it comes with illustration out of an actual photo taken during the update. In this technical bulletin we are using the all new Skyworth 55UB7500 premium 4K UHD Android TV. Please bear in mine that all Skyworth Android TV are comes with exact the same way to update online, how old or how new it was doesn't matter. So let's begin... Connecting Skyworth TV to the Internet First things first, connect the Skyworth Android TV to the Internet. To be honest this first step is the most neglected by the user or even the technician. Here are the step by step procedure;  How to connect your Skyworth Android TV to the Internet 1. On your "Skyworth Android Remote" press "HOME" please re

June 29 Coocaa Philippines Payday Flash Sale Schedule

Payday is here and so is Coocaa Philippines June FLASH SALE this coming June 29 beginning at 9 A.M. onwards for as low as 5,900. Coocaa Flash Sale Participating Products! Coocaa 50S5G Coocaa 43S5G Coocaa 40S5G Coocaa 40S3N Coocaa 32S3N Coocaa 32W4 COOCAA 50S5G - 50 Inch 4K Android Smart LED TV - Slim Wifi Ultra HD  Product details of COOCAA 50 Inch 4K Android Smart LED TV - Slim Wifi Ultra HD (Model 50S5G) Best Value ANDROID LED TV UHD (3840*2160) Clear and Bright 50 inch LED screen with UHD Panel Smart Audio with DTS Trusurround (DDT+) Smart Android 8.0 1 HDMI 1.4  2 HDMI 2.0 1 USB 2.0 1 USB 3.0 SPIDIF out Customer Verified Purchase Review By monami M. AMAZING PRODUCT & CUSTOMER SERVICE: i honestly made a mistake and gave them bad review because I measured tge TV incorrectly and thought it was 43 Inch rather than 50 Inch, when I called the customer service, they've taught me how to measure the TV correctly and it was really 50

Skyworth 55UB7500 Premium UHD 4K Android LED TV Helpful Review

There is a new flagship on the LED TV and we are all excited to put our first impression about this model. The new flagship belongs to Skyworth Premium UHD 4K Android TV and today we'll be reviewing 55UB7500. Product Description Screen Size: 55-inch Display Resolution: 3840 x 2160(UHD,4K) Panel Type: 4K IPS Digital TV: ISDB-T Skyworth 55UB7500 Android Operating System The all new Skyworth 55UB7500  comes powered by an Android Operating System Version 8.0.0 to compliment it's key features so user make out of it. Skyworth 55UB7500 Design Before anything else, we will start with it's appearance since it was the first thing people have appreciate.  Skyworth 55UB7500 Premium UHD 4K TV comes with an infinity Screen, while the design is sleek and simple. With 55UB7500 infinity design you can watch ENDLESS TV shows, series and movies on Netflix. Without anyone stopping you! The Skyworth logo is perfectly place at the center of the 55UB7500 b

How to Setup your Coocaa or Skyworth LED TV to View Digital Channels in South Africa!

This is a response post for the question of valuable customer customer from KANESHIE, ACCRA Ghana in South Africa. His question is as follows; I mistakenly deleted the satellite list while trying to set satellite dish for the TV. And now, multiple satellite channels not working.  I have 2 frequencies which suppose to give me two satellite channels. I tried on other decoder and got both satellite channels but the TV only provide one satellite channels. How do I restore the TV to get it as first. I have reset and done first installation but still no good results. Help me out please. Thank you. Customer Name: Andrew Address:  KANESHIE, ACCRA Dealer:  Jumia online purchase Location: Coocaa South Africa TV Model: Coocaa  32D4 DVB-T installation Steps First you need the following equipment: 1 Digital antenna 2 Digital Skyworth TV with built in set top box Steps by step guide: 1. On your TV remote, press SOURCE and go to DVB-T. 2. Press MENU. 3. Navigate to CHANNEL and se

This is Skyworth Double Door 180L Refrigerator Review (With Picture)

Skyworth South Africa unveil it's first model of 180L Double Door Refrigerator for South African home appliances market. Based on my own personal experience of the previous model of Skyworth Refrigerator which I still using until now, I can say that, Skyworth Refrigerator really offers near - perfect temperature management and enough features to fit anyone's needs. It comes with an adjustable shelves to slide out smoothly. Skyworth 180L Double Door Refrigerator bins on its door are adjustable, perfect storage of beverages.  At the time of writing Skyworth 180L Double Door Refrigerator offers in different country such as South Africa, Nepal and soon in the Philippines this coming September. The Skyworth 180L Double Door Refrigerator handle has a mechanism that makes it easier to open, especially when the freezer's packed to the gills. Also, it main freezer compartment has an adjustable and removable divider, giving you a maximum flexibility when your loading it

This is Coocaa LED TV Remote buying instructions (With Picture)

We are Selling Coocaa LED TV remote control for all Coocaa TV models here in the Philippines!  This is Coocaa LED TV Remote buying instructions. Where to buy Coocaa LED TV Remote Control Philippines? You can only purchased Coocaa LED TV Remote from Skyworth Philippines Main Service Center. To purchase, please fill out the form down below? How much Coocaa Android Remote with Voice function? Answer: 1000.00 This is the actual photo of Coocaa Android Remote with Voice function. It's a common remote for Coocaa Android LED TV models. Please refer to above photo. How much Coocaa Netflix Remote? Answer: 1000.00 This is the actual photo of Coocaa Netflix Ready LED TV Remote. It's a common remote for all Coocaa Netflix LED TV models. Please refer to above image. How much Coocaa Smart Remote? Answer: 1000.00 This is the actual photo of Skyworth Smart Remote that is 100% compatible to all Coocaa Smart LED TV. It's a common remote for all Coo

Skyworth SQ920 Bluetooth 5.1 CH Speaker Review

The Skyworth SQ920 5.1 Bluetooth CH Speaker is a predecessor of the later Skyworth SQ900 Bluetooth 5.1 CH speaker comes to be reliable and multimedia-ready speaker system comes with an excellent frequency with low distortion circuit that deliver crisp sounds. This speaker system is highly recommended for playing music or when watching movies. Skyworth SQ920 Bluetooth 5.1 CH Speaker Special Features Beautiful appearance with entire magnetically shielded design High plus wave guide technology applied Ported Sub-woofer moves more air for deeper bass Bass / Volume control conveniently located Bass-refles wooden sub-woofer cabinet Playing MP3 directly from SD/MMC card, flash drive Skyworth SQ920 Bluetooth 5.1 CH FM Radio Function USB / SD & MMC Card Direct Play  LED Display Screen Skyworth SQ920 Bluetooth 5.1 CH Speaker Technical Specs: Output R.M.S: 15W+(6Wx5) Response Frequency: 40Hz~20KHz Signal Noise ratio: >70dB Sub-woofer: 5.25" Sa

Coocaa 40E36YC Software Update Download and Procedure

Coocaa 40E36YC smart TV Software updates is now available for direct download using the link provided below. Coocaa 40E36YC is exclusively and widely distributed by, the biggest online shopping portal in the Philippines. The TV comes featuring 1080p or full HD display, smart TV, built-in wi-fi and running under Linux 2.6.34 operating system. What's new after the update? After the software update, Coocaa 40E36YC issue on internet connection and all other bugs were going to be fix. Coocaa 40E36YC 40" Internet Smart LED TV - Review and After Sale Service Coocaa TV, the online presence of Skyworth is now available here in the country (Philippines) through the partnership with Lazada, the Philippines best shopping and biggest and most trusted online mall. Coocaa Philippines Service Authorize Center In terms of after sale service and popularity, Coocaa garnered a Guinness World Record for having the most numbers of Smart LED TV sold in one

How do I download and save Skyworth TV Software for Update (With Picture and Illustration)

How do I download or save a Skyworth TV Software use for update to my computer or flash drive? Business as usual, in order to download some in the internet, it is a requirement to register first with your e-mail address and name. So, do I need to register first before I download the software I need to update and upgrade my TV unit? In Skyworth, registration is not necessary for you download Skyworth TV Softwares. Just follow the provided link either text link or image link . Image Link Step by Step Guide to download TV Software Update  1. Go to 2. Click on provided text link you wish to download 3. On page, click on download button. Click Image Link: Step by Step Procedure for Guide 4. Window pane pop. 5. Put your mouse pointer on the top of window pane and look for download button 5. Click download button to initiate download 6. Windows pane appeared (For files (97M) exceeds the maximum size that