Skyworth 40TB5050 and Skyworth 43TB5050 Helpful Review

Actual photo of Skyworth 40TB5050

The Skyworth 40TB5050 and Skyworth 43TB5050 introduce in the market as Netflix enable LED TV. This model or TB5050 series is an upgrade and a more enhance version of the late U2 series. Like it's predecessor, Skyworth TB5050 series is none Android LED TV, it is just a smart digital LED TV.

Since, it is only a smart LED TV, installation of application is not permitted. However, it already bundled with 7 pre-install application such as follows; Netflix, YouTube, Smart TV App, Twitter, Facebook, MiraShare and Internet Browser. Inside Smart TV App comes the Netrange link, your passport to enjoy all the free international TV shows and movies.

- Leading application that allows user to enjoy famous, trend and popular movies
- Thousand of movies to enjoy
1. Recommendation - it will recommend relevant content according to your viewing history
2. Customize Remote - Shortcut key in remote control for easy access
- Show the remote and let our customer try one key access

Web Browser
- Let our customer surf and search anything they want
- Can use wired/wireless mouse and keyboard
- Enjoy social media content it to a larger screen

Smart TV Application
- International application to enjoy
- A netrange platform that update everyday

- Share the content of your phone in a BIGGER SCREEN!
- Wifi Direct - Generic name
- Screen Mirroring - for Samsung and Sony
- Miracast - for LG
- Cast Screen, TV Link, Wireless Display, TVTo for other China Brand Phones (Lenovo, Asus, MyPhone, Cherry Mobile, etc.)
- Let our customer try this features by playing their own videos

- This features allows the user to enjoy more screen and better viewing experience
- Compare Infinity Screen to Normal Screen and play a video to see difference
- Let our consumer touch the edge of the TV

Digital TV
* Digital reciever for local broadcast channel that can produce at least 720p resolution with digital sound quality
- Emphasize that FUTURE TV and trend signal is DIGITAL
- We can say that our TV is equipped or have built in DIGITAL BOX that can recieve digital signal

Trochilus Extreme
- A picture engine that allows user to enjoy perfect clarity image
- This feature enhance:
1. Boast contrast
2. Skin Color Reduction
3. Precision Definition
4. Color Compensation
(play AI PQ Demo Video)

Brilliantly Clear Enhancer
* Distinguish color precisely, compensate and adjust different colors to display the purest color so that TV image quality would be greatly improved in this way.
- Video enhancer that allows user to enjoy dark and bright scene
- Customer don't need to close the curtain to watch TV

Powerful Sound
- Enjoy more powerful and realistic sound
- Equipped by 10*10 watts power output
- Let the customer hear the volume to 50-80 (play Hotel California song)

Features that stabilize sounds and avoid sudden increase of volume
- Demonstrate switching 1 channel to another if possible, if possible
(Make sure AVL is ON to local broadcast ONLY)
- Play (Bello Suite No. 1)

However, don't expect to much on what inside Netrange link. It's free, therefore expect service or movies poor and unfamiliar, respectively.

We all know that we have encountered some bugs and error with Skyworth U2 series before such as can't Login on U2 Facebook app. Now with TB5050 series, all bugs and error was gone for good.

The feature I like the most in this model are; design looks more elegant with no frame, all the seven pre-installed application working smoothly and no problem, display is clear and vivid even watching under the noon sun, and lastly it's sound is more crisper and louder.

You can actually set password to your Skyworth 40TB5050 and Skyworth 43TB5050. And the default password is "0000". Please refer to above photo as reference. 

Skyworth 40TB5050 and Skyworth 43TB5050 is also EWBS ready smart LED TV. EWBS stand for early warning broadcast system. Meaning if earthquake, flood, tsunami, typhoon or any other natural disaster struck your area. Skyworth 40TB5050 and Skyworth 43TB5050 give you warning in advanced or keep updating you on what happened.  

Aspect ratio for Skyworth 40TB5050 and Skyworth 43TB5050 comes with the following; Auto, 4:3, 16:9, Panorama and Movie. Default aspect ratio sets to 16:9.

Another good thing with Skyworth 40TB5050 and Skyworth 43TB5050, it allowed you to block inappropriate programs for your kids. Plus a parental guidance for certain ages, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18.  

Skyworth 40TB5050 and Skyworth 43TB5050 software version, git version and build time displays above.

Our test unit comes with the model name 40TB5050 as shown above photo. It also shown that Skyworth 40TB5050 and Skyworth 43TB5050 will able to work well from 110 - 240 AC volts.  Check this one for your reference.

The available ports for this model Skyworth 40TB5050 and Skyworth 43TB5050 are as follows; one LAN port, one Digital audio port, two HDMI ports, two USB ports, one digital antenna port and the service port. Please refer to above image for your reference.

Skyworth 40TB5050 and Skyworth 43TB5050 comes with integrated board or the all-in-one board. Power supply board, main board, and wi-fi adapter built as one. Please refer to above image.

This little one, the black component connecting two isolated part is called opto-isolator or an optocouple. I like this little guy.

Skyworth 40TB5050 and Skyworth 43TB5050

The above photo is what a Skyworth 40TB5050 and Skyworth 43TB5050 remote control! It comes with Netflix button! Cool...

For your question and other clarification about 40TB5050 and 43TB5050 please fill up this form: #AskSkyworth or copy and paste this link on your browser.


  1. We reset our tv because only netflix is working other apps are not. After setting it up again, all apps are not working anymore including netflix. How to fix it

  2. Were can i buy the mainbooard of 40tb5050

  3. My netflix is deactive!!! What im doing for change deactive to active


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