Connecting your Desktop Computer or Laptop to your TV (Skyworth G2 Series)

Software Needed:

•Updated Google Chrome Browser
•Built-in Chrome Cast Function for TV

Step by Step Procedure: 

1. Connect Skyworth TV and Computer to the “SAME” Network.
 2. Open Google Chrome Browser
 3. Go to Customize and control Google Chrome
  4. Look for “Cast...” 
 5. Select “Cast to”

 6. Select your source

Cast tab -  share only browser tab.
Cast desktop – you can share the content of your desktop.
Cast file – you can stream a video or audio file.
7. Select your TV name.

 Note: Skyworth TV default name is “globe”

8. Select “globe” then click “Share”.
 9. TV and Computer Successfully Connected!!!

Until next time...

This guide is applicable for G2 Series and G6 Series.


  1. Can you lease help me show me how to pair both.50G2 skyworth android Tv.

    Do I need internet connection or not
    Please advise


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