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40E360 & 40E58 Update - Step by Step Procedure

Software update for 40E360 & 40E58 is now available for download at . What's new after update. After the update, TV drivers and software minimal bugs were fix which includes, wireless connection issue (Wi-Fi),and  movie playback.Also, many will have to just discover, great picture and easy to use features once you have them figured out. Great TV and great value. How to Update 40E360 & 40E58  - Step by Step Procedure Updating your TV software comes so handy and don't require technical background. All you need to do is to follow our step by step DIY instruction on how to update 40E360 and or 40E58 Skyworth LED Smart TV and everything's gonna be fine. What are the tools you need? You need an atleast 512MB empty FAT32 formatted flash disk. And a software of Skyworth Smart LED 40E360 & 40E58  TV which comes available to download at Skyworth Philippines Service Center Official Website.  What to do? 1. Downl

Update Procedure: Skyworth T-8 Android Tablet

Software update version 1.0  Tools you need for update 1. Computer 2. S8 USB Connector 3. TF Card also known as Micro SD card 4. Update Software There are two diffeent methology on  updating a tablet, either TF Card method or direct from laptop with the use of computer and tablet's USB cord. TF Card Update 1. Make a copy of S8 update.img in an empty TF Card. Copy is available for direct download using the following link.  Skyworth T-8 Android Tablet Software Download  2. Turn off the tablet. 3. Open the pad, then insert the microSD card. 4. Turn On tablet and wait for a momment, upate software would automatically identify by the tablet. Please refer to the figure 1.0 Figure 1.0 5. Click install and you will prompted like figure 1.1 It will restart after few minutes.