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Basic Requirment to identify Skyworth parts

Part number 1. Speaker 2. Power Supply 3. Back Cover 4. Keybutton Model 1. Panel Mainboard 1. Chassis number What models using same parts? 19-incher With Common Parts 19E20 & 19E65 - PSU, MB, Panel 19E28 & 19E57 - PSU, MB, Panel With Unique Parts 19E22 19E39 19E510 24-incher With common parts 24E20 & 24E65 - Common MB With Unique Parts 24E58B 24E39 24E22 24E510s 28-incher  With Common Parts 28E36 & 28E33 - Common PSU, MB, Panel 29-incher  With unique Parts 29E50 32-incher With Common Parts 32E58 &  32E360 - MB, PSU, Panel 32E28 & 32E57 - MB, PSU, Panel 32E36 & 32E33 - MB, PSU, Panel 32-incher With Unique Parts 32E29 32E510S 39-incher With Common Parts 39E55 & 39E22 & 39E26 - Common PSU 39E33 & 39E36 - Common PSU, MB, Panel 39-incher  With unique Parts 39E29 - Unique parts 40-incher with Common Parts 40E58 & 40E360 - Common Panel, MB, PSU 40E36i & 40E36YC - Common Panel, MB, PSU 42

Skyworth 40E360 & 40E58 Update

Download Skyworth 40E360 & 40E58 Update